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He proposed

This summer has been incredible. I have engaged myself in a chateau in France. A real old castle with battlements and turrets. My guy and I had tramped around in France and stayed at vadnrarhem. But when we came here, we decided to treat themselves to it. In the evening after dinner, my boyfriend proposed marriage. He had been waiting the whole trip on a good time and it could not have been a more suitable occasion.

Without luggage.

After i went to the pharmacist for buying some chondroitin I started making the pasta and the sauce for my husband,children and guests form The Netherlands. As I am speaking right now they are in the airplane towards Stockholm. Normally I will pick them at the Airport but today I have to much things I have to do such as doing groceries, working and taking care for the children that they will be in time at the Dutch school. So this time our guests have to take the airport bus to the city. There my husband will pick up their ...


Some years ago my husband suffered from wristpain. It came as a small painful feeling once and a while and it ended up being constantly so painful that he could not even sleep at night. So by that time we had already called a doctor and that doctor had sent him to a specialist who did several tests on him. It appeared to be a carpal tunnel syndrome, something that actually usually happens to women, not to men. But anyway, he had it and the could fix it with some surgery. Now the pain is gone, but he's still careful.


I still have to find out how I can repair our barbeque. The burner is broke and because it is a gas barbeque it is too dangerous to take any risk with that. The barbeque was bought in The Netherlands and this brand is represented in Sweden. I wrote an email to the company in The Netherlands but they did not give me an answer. Maybe they are closed for the holiday so I will try again next week. Meanwhile I searched on the internet to see if there is an easy way to repair the burner. There are some ...